"The Power of Investing to Change the World" - 40-minute recorded webinar + Q&A

The majority of investors invest for the purpose of increasing their net worth and providing for the future. And this has been the pattern from the beginning of modern investing. In this special webinar event, with Jason Myhre, managing partner of Eventide Asset Management, we will ask and answer the question, “Is there more to investing than making money?” 

Taking a look at investors over several centuries, we will trace the impact that investors have had in the shaping of modern geopolitical entities and cultures, then we will look ahead to the impact that current investors could have on similar realms today.

"Timeless Truths for Investing" - 35-minute recorded webinar + Q&A

With so much investment marketing hype based on fear and greed, little attention is given to the core principles needed to succeed long term. We have partnered with Eventide for over 12 years, and they have consistently added value for our clients, so we were excited to have Jason Myhre, managing partner of Eventide Asset Management" share “timeless truths” that align with how we approach investing here at Avanti. 

This is a truly informative talk about forming a foundation on which to build your financial future. I would like to invite you to this unique opportunity to learn about Eventide’s core investment philosophies – based on truths that do not change with the markets – that will help guide you to making better investment decisions.